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SME Listing

SMEs are the backbone of Indian economy. Nation’s 1.3 million SMEs account for 40% of India's total exports. SMEs employ close to 40% of India's workforce & contribute 45% to India's manufacturing output.

SMEs occupy significant place in India’s growth story and the next level growth in Indian economy is expected to be driven largely by SMEs. However, SMEs face a lot of challenges and most of times, they do not have access to quality support services.

Making a public issue of securities and listing on stock exchanges is a dream of every entrepreneur. Listing on stock exchanges provides a lot of benefits to business such as increased visibility, favorable treatment of capital gains taxes, valuation benchmarking, strengthening of governance and internal controls etc. We help SMEs in realizing their dream of listing by providing end to end execution support and hand holding.

IPO of SME in India

SME IPO process of the draft but it not highly examine by the SEBI but we see the SME IPO procedure is highly only about the stock exchange will examine and approves all IPO the stock exchange which is SME IPO process they have to full fill all the requirement. SME IPO advisory which is given by the CA Piyush J Shah in Ahmadabad, which give excellent information about the SME. A SME is a stock exchange dediCAted for trading the shares securities of SME other you will find it difficult to the main board.

How the SME IPO process work

  • Selection of the banker
  • Restructure the Capital and valuation
  • Offer document for ipo
  • Due diligence of ipo
  • Marketing strategy
  • Effective communication of its equity strength

SME IPO advisory is said that small and medium enterprise including the start up companies will be permitted to list on the SME and without that they have being required an initial public offer but this issue will be restricted by the investors. The SME IPO procedure are classified under the SME stock exchange there are two points of that

  • Capital
  • Profit

IPO of SME in Gujarat

SME IPO services in Sanand, Changodar, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Baroda, Anand, Mehsana, Palanpur, Bhavnagar Gujarat, India.

Why the SME IPO services needed ? As per Piyush J Shah SME IPO Services is needed to fund new projects to undertake expansion, marketing, and expenditure. For the enhancement of the company's visibility and the company's employees. According to Piyush J Shah SME is potential for IPO because SME is with people, financial, and organisation and business where the people have can do dynamic management the financial where strong growth forecast.

Piyush J Shah SME IPO consultant share the benefits

  • Limited liability for repayment
  • Lower interest burden
  • SEBI releaxtion
  • Maintaining debt equity ratio

The CA Piyush J Shah SME IPO consultant handle the SME IPO in balance sheet preparation, listing agreement, certificate of financial, timely filling the listing agreement. Piyush J Shah also gives the guide line to SME finance for the small and medium scale industries where they have setting up a unit for buying machinery ,working capital etc.

Piyush J Shah SME finance consultant has been consistently secured as one of the leading SME finance consultant and business loan provider They provide SME services in Ahmedabad and also the near cities like Sanand, Changodar, Gandhinagar, Baroda, Anand, Mehsana, Palanpur, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India. SME services are given in finance based and in a different way like

  • Working capital loan
  • Term loan
  • Over draft
  • Lease rent discounting

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